Global Diversity was approached by Kirklees council’s alternative market, when Lucy Bye attended our previous hub location to discuss an Alternative market recruitment program.

The idea was to have a 3 day shop in Huddersfield Town central, which gave creative people the opportunity to display their products alongside high streets shops, in a prime foot fall location for residents of Huddersfield.

The project ran over 4 weeks, which covered a variety of sessions from introduction, planning, marketing, and product presentation. The co-coordinator invited a guest speaker who specialized in the marketing field, who spoke to the group about pricing and product preparation.

All participants who attended the group session discussed products that will be sold in the shops, participated in writing down the products/ services, the cost of the product and whether it was affordable for the target market to purchase.

The Recruitment event included giving out small grants to cover the cost of the materials and printing. Each person discussed and came to an arrangement for the organisation of the shop from the presentation.

The following week the group attended the media school which is part of Rawthrope High School to look at the technology resources which was available to use while doing the project. The resource had up to date equipment to such as a large laser printer, Vinyl. 3D printer, sublimation T-shirt, mug printing and many more. The products which were made to put on sale, were mugs, key rings, notebooks, pens, alongside an independent Clothing label from local fashion designers.

We all agreed to have a live graffiti artist and local DJs to play live in the shop, which was not only background music but also promotion for the DJs.

Overall the project and shop came together well, although we had minimum time to use the printing resource, due to working around school hours and technician availability on site.

We can all say we learnt some vital skills from being involved in the recruitment project.

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