The DJI inspire Drone quadcopter is an amazing piece of technology and definitely one of the top ten gadgets for 2016.  The Drone captures excellent 4K resolution videos with a removable camera which can also be upgraded.

Most of the top of range ones like the Inspire, comes with a full 4k camera, which gives immaculate picture and video quality. I can speak from my own experience and probably lot of video director and editors who are currently using a drone within their project.

Not only does the drone reach sky view heights, but when used outside through GPS which helps the drone determine its position and yours. It is also what makes it possible for the drone to stop and hover in place when you release the remote control, delivering accurate location data for safety features like automatically returning to it to home position.

The Inspire remote controller have DJI’s Lightbridge technology for excellent video transmission between the sky and ground, up to distances of 1.2 miles away.

DJI also includes a ‘Return to Home’ button, which enable the Drone to come back to starting location.

The battery power lasts up to 20mins, giving you enough time to capture shots of buildings, objects and to capture video and picture which is extraordinary.

Review from Creative Director for Global Diversity 

The owner of DJI Inspire Drone, the approach to view the gadget and discuss capturing some footage, which would be great for advertisement for companies and brands, opening shots to short and feature films, events music video and stock footage.

After seeing the gadget in action through flight and camera recording testing, I was amazing and very excited, to edit the record footage.

As community video director and editor, I will definitely be using the drone footage in my current work, not only just to shoot in full 4k footage but also the camera captures shots you could never capture with a standard commercial camera or an Digital SLR camera. The whole experience of seeing the gadget in action was amazing overall.

Here is a clip from the Inspire DJI in action.

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