Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist Benefits

Microsoft Office Specialist certification gives you the tools to build a brighter future.

* Achieve industry-recognized certification
* Learn the computing skills companies are looking for
* Boost your workforce resume
* Differentiate yourself from other applicants
* Gain valuable experience and confidence
* Heighten your earning potential
* Prepare yourself for a successful future

Benefits to education

Problem: Lack of Microsoft Office proficiency Inhibits learning and academic progress.

Key benefits: MOS promotes academic preparedness and workforce readiness.

Supporting points: Students progress through coursework and curriculum with greater ease and efficiency Students can focus on course content—not on the associated computing Validates digital literacy prior to entering a course or program.

Problem: Lack of Microsoft Office proficiency among students and instructors hinders classroom progression and course effectiveness.

Key benefits: MOS optimizes course effectiveness and classroom efficiency.

Supporting points: Accelerates student progress in courses and programs Strengthens the substance and value of business and technology courses Instructors succeed when students succeed Promotes improved teaching skills through enhanced digital literacy.

Problem: Institution reputation and stature are weakened when it fails to prepare students for academic and workplace success.

Key benefits: MOS strengthens institution curriculum, programs, reputation and stature.

Supporting points: Provides relevant, state-of-the-art learning to course offerings Embeds digital literacy within all programs and curriculum MOS is a comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-implement way to give students the opportunity to develop skills businesses need.

Benefits to corporates / organisations

Problem: Employees suffer lost productivity when they lack MS Office proficiency skills. Employees experience decreased job satisfaction as they cope with on-the-job-training. Employees lack self-confidence due to an inability to fully utilize the tools provided to them.

Key benefits: MOS increases job satisfaction and heightens career achievement.

Supporting points: Promotes greater productivity and efficiency Validates employee skills Builds self-confidence and job satisfaction Enhances professional standing among peers and managers Increases professional worth.

Problem: Corporate departments experience significant losses in productivity due to a lack of MS Office proficiency among employees. Employee Development/Training departments fail to meet performance objectives when they lack proper and meaningful training programs.

Key benefits: MOS employees are more productive and efficient.

Supporting points: Maximizes productivity and efficiency, increases employee satisfaction and minimizes turnover Provides managers and HR with a screening tool Enables managers to maximize the benefits of a new technology investment Validates employee development & training programs.

Problem: Organizations experience significant losses in productivity due to a lack of MS Office proficiency among employees. Organizations incur excessive help desk/support costs when employees aren’t proficient with Microsoft Office Software.

Key benefits: MOS promotes operational and financial health to organizations.

Supporting points: Improves productivity and efficiency among employees Verifies workers’ computing skills and abilities Reduces organization-wide support time and costs Enables employees to fully utilize the organization’s applications.

Benefits to workforce development / government

Problem: Job candidates lack the desktop computing skills required by prospective employers.

Key benefits: MOS validates a job candidate’s Microsoft Office skills and abilities.

Supporting points: Ensures job candidates possess the skills employers want Fosters workforce readiness Promotes hiring / Secures employment Individuals with proven desktop computing skills differentiate themselves in the job market.

Problem: Workforce development and placement programs need quantifiable evidence that their programs properly prepare job seekers with in-demand skills.

Key benefits: MOS quantifies positive impact of workforce development and placement programs.

Supporting points: Meets organizational charter/mission/directives Validates the effectiveness of training programs Verifies workers’ skills and abilities Delivers a skilled workforce Ensures workers are more productive and efficient.

Problem: Job candidates need public or private assistance in securing a job in a 21st century workforce.

Key benefits: MOS helps WFD organizations place job candidates.

Supporting points: Provides an important, cost-effective measurement of the value of job training and placement programs Meets organizational charter/mission/directives Placing job candidates is a valuable service to job candidates and the community.

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