A2A – Leeds City College

This project was in partnership with Leeds City College.  We recruited 12 young people from Huddersfield to do a 4 weeks program that included functional skills and positivity.

The programme consisted of,

Work based modules

Positive thinking

Writing CV’s and Cover letters



GDPA Enterprise Challenge

All students moved on to placements and then work.

Key Achievements

10 young people motivated to travel from Huddersfield to Leeds for 4 weeks to attend from 9 – 4

The learning included functional skills English, Maths, Positive Thinking and Employability


Positive role models from the Community

Community Day Sheep Bridge

GDPA Enterprise challenge

The final session of the GDPA organisation was exceptional as GDPA invited two successful local entrepreneurs from the Yorkshire Asian Business Association (Amjad Pervez & Amarjit Singh) and senior managers from Microsoft, Daniel Langton and Caroline Pullich from Barclays Bank. They made up the panel and shared their personal and professional journey with the learners.

A local Businessman invested £100 in the young learners to make a profit.  The Learners with the help from Global Diversity Positive Action put an event together. A football tournament, graffiti painting, music, and stalls to sell their Artwork, products or service were the events on offer.

The session was very uplifting and inspirational for all in attendance.  The result was that the panel gave the learners one hundred pounds and set an enterprise challenge.

The learners were very encouraged and after much debate and deliberation grouped themselves as a team and decided to organise something that would regenerate their own community which was in Deighton Huddersfield.

They organised GDPA community Fun day

GDPA community Fun day

Why Deighton Huddersfield?

Unemployment in Huddersfield has doubled since the start of the recession.  The Huddersfield Examiner has reported that there has been a rise from 3.3% to 7.2%.
Deighton in Huddersfield has a very high crime rate, the area had 3,974 crimes recorded in it in the last quarter. The GDPA learners who came from this area wanted to send out positive messages to the youth and their community.

Overview of the Day

GDPA Football Tournament

Teams of under sixteen’s playing in teams over the course of the day

Enterprise & Education Zone

GDPA will work with Kirklees Council, the college, the university, Job Centre plus, National Apprenticeship Schemes, employment and regeneration projects to take a stand and provide information to the local community – an opportunity for start-up businesses to take a stand and promote their products or services

Music Stand

The GDPA Creative Technology Hub project will be show casing local musically talent

Numbers on the day

Around 200 people came during the course of the day

Organisation for the Day

9:00 Arrival of GDPA Team

9:45 GDPA Football Tournament Starts with the five a side games taking place

11:30 Stands and Stalls are open for business

16:00 – 16:45 Finals

16:45 – 17:00 Awards and Presentations to the winners


Drawing the raffle

Key guests attended the prize giving, drawing the raffle and posed for the photo opportunity:

Deputy Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress

CEO of Kirklees Council – Adrian Lythgo

Yorkshire Asian Business Association – Amjad Pervez, Amarjit Singh

Microsoft – Daniel Langton

Paul Schofield – Cabinet office

Huddersfield Examiner

GDPA articles in The Huddersfield Examiner 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 9:59 AM  http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/local-news/kick-starting-youth-careers-in-deighton-5710956

Wednesday 7/31/2013 8:20 AM


North Huddersfield Trust School

For 8 weeks we took PSE lesson with a group of learners that were from disadvantaged backgrounds and undertook the following units with sessions with them.

Session 1 Introduction
Session 2 Citizenship Citizenship

What does it mean to be a British Citizen

Rights of a British Citizen

Responsibilities of a British Citizen

Britain in comparison to other Countries

Aims and objectives

Students to participate in discussion about Britain

Talk about their hopes and aspirations in the Current Climate

Students to talk about what they need to do to be a model citizen

Why is this important?

Session 3 Education History of education – when was education provided free year etc.

Why it is important to be educated

Difference in employment and work

Perceptions of education.

Aims and objectives

Students to engage in why education is important

Careers – what can be achieved with the right attitude

The importance of knowledge

Session 4 Types of violence

Why people turn to violence

What to do if you are in a situation where violence occurs

What kind of people use violence

Why violence is wrong

Inner strength

Aims and objectives

To put violence into perspective, what makes people violent and what can be done to combat this.

Session 5 Microsoft Guest Speaker
Session 6 Creative Workshop
Session 7 Presentations
Session 8 Presentations

Our achievements

In our evaluations we have never achieved an average of 8

In group work we have found that almost all of the pupils engage and share their views

GDPA have provided evidence that shows pupils that achieving at School and staying away from negative influences is the way forward

The method used was providing relevant information and live examples of people that had been in custody

We also had a Guest Speaker from Microsoft that gave up-to-date advice on confidence and recruitment

UAK School – Keighley

For 8 weeks we attended UAK School to deliver a program on Positivity and Consequence.

We took a group of students to London the visit included

A tour of the House of Commons

A visit to the high profile Microsoft Future Decoded event

Visits from Mentors from the Community

Visit to meet the Mayor of Bradford

Visit to Landrover Jaguar Garage

Visit to Midland Hotel

All these trips included inspirational talks from leading Entrepreneurs about careers.

Global Diversity Positive Action Project with IGEN Real WY

GDPA secured a contract with Igen to deliver the ESF Real Organisation which focuses on education and training for young people in the Bradford and Keighley area who are resolutely NEET

Outreach Area

GDPA prepared flyers and outreached in Keighley, Bradford from November 2013 – March 2014

GDPA also developed strong links with the following agencies:

Key-stop – Homeless hostel based in Keighley

Connexions – Keighley & Bradford

NEET Recruiter for New Deal / 16-18 years old

Princes Trust


What is the Believe Project?

The Believe Project is a project that will empower learners by taking part in the following sessions. We believe that these sessions will inspire all that to attend to have positive attitude to life.

Every session will have aims and objectives that we feel will inspire the beneficiaries.

Positive Thinking

Barclays Life Skills

Iconic guest speakers

CV Workshop


Team Working

Interview preparation

Sound production & Recording


Illustration, Art, Graffiti and Graphic Design

Introduction to Video Production

Introduction to Event Management

12.10 16/05/1

Positive thinking


In these sessions the areas covered will be Positive thinking, Anger management, Confidence building, Role play and Motivation. We believe that Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.


A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.  We believe that in order to utilise it in life, you need more than just to be aware of its existence. You need to adopt the attitude of positive thinking in everything you do. Our session aims to put this concept into action.

Barclay’s life Skills


All beneficiaries will have the opportunity to attend Barclays for a session on life skills, this will include money management, Group work and role play; a range of work-based skills and the ability to handle responsibility.

This training will take place at Barclays premises, beneficiaries will have the opportunity to interact with the provider and speak of other areas of interest.



The benificiaries to understand life skills and interact with professionals.  They will learn new skills.

Iconic Guest Speakers

We will have question and answer with guest speakers this will provide learners with positive role models and real life success stories.

CV Workshop


Team Working

Interview preparation

All of the learners will complete a Personal Development Plan that will form the base of what support they require. The CV workshop will look at creating new CV’s and enhancing existing ones.  Beneficiaries will be give example of good and bad CV and tips on creating cover letters. Employability will look at what Employability means and how can they become more employable. The objective is to make employability an area that they are aware of so that they understand how to find employment and sustain it.

Team working aim is to understand why team working is important. How team working is applied at work and in business. What are team members, Roles in a team.  The objectives are for all the learners to understand the importance of team working and its effectiveness.  The Interview preparation session will cover, how to prepare for an interview? How to conduct oneself at interview. The different types of questions that are asked at interview.  This is to produce confident people that know how to conduct themselves at interview and be able to give a robust interview.

Creative Suite 

Sound production & Recording

Sound recording: These workshops show users for to create music tracks from scratch

Photography and Video Production

Photography : teaching users how to create documentaries and music videos. Learning about all the different types of production. They will learn about camera angles and story boarding

Illustration, Art, Graffiti and Graphic Design

Creative Design Workshop on Creative design using Adobe creative suit. This will give young a people a taster in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Introduction to Event Management

This module puts showcases all the elements needed to organise an event

Understand the Mission, the Purpose, or the Point of the Event

Select An Appropriate Venue

Draft A Written Plan

Manage the Flow of the Event

Create An Emotional Moment

Design Your Messages to be Taken from the Event

Plan for Repeatability and Expandability

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