Believe Programme: 

Global Diversity run a weekly session for children referred by the YOT serving high level community orders. These orders are an alternative to custody and the programme runs every Saturday from 10:00 – 12:00 

Change Makers Pilot Project: 

The latest intelligence assessment (2018) for Kirklees estimates approximately 200 individuals (many of which are young people) are currently active gang members in Kirklees (with significantly more than this number at risk of involvement). Police intelligence estimates that these individuals are responsible for approximately 2/3rds of drugs supply in the District as well as an increase in violent offences. 

GDPA Change Makers programme Pilot is an intensive 12-month programme designed specifically for young offenders serving community orders, the aim of the programme is focus on reparation, rehabilitation and employability skills for participants to become net contributors as opposed to a drain on public resources and society. With the support of YOT and Safer Communities the first six months will focus on behaviour, anger management, citizenships and community values Embedded into this will be employability and skills led workshops with a view moving to a pre-apprenticeship programme with intense support, training leading to a nationally recognised qualification. The plan is that within 12- 18 months participants will be moving on to a full apprenticeship programme Through the provision for the children we have been working on Saturday morning we have identified two children to come on to the GDPA Changemakers programme 

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